The Flow Journey (English)

Do you also want to give yourself a present?

Christoph, a very enterprising and athletic man was gifted a retreat with us on the mountain by his wife for his 50th birthday.

His wish was to recharge in nature and reflect on his work and personal life.

He is a very passionate worker who contributes to a more sustainable world.

His passion is also his pitfall with long working days and always moving forward in top gear with a high level of stress.

During his days with us on the mountain, he wants to experience how to work and live in a more relaxed and effortless FLOW.



  • In a FLOW state of being, your learning curve is very high and you receive new insights ‘naturally’.
  • In flow, you also connect with others on a higher much more creative level.
  • You stand firmly in your own energy and are completely open to other perspectives.
  • Working and living in flow is also very sustainable because you eliminate stress and increase your sense of happiness.

We designed a Flow Journey for him with a focus on ‘Being and Playing in Nature’.

Do you like to join him on this yourney?

Christopher is a teamplayer and he likes to learn and experience with other like minded people.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ is a quote that speaks to his heart.

That is why he asked us if other people would like to join him on this Journey that provides you all the answers related to your personal goals and wishes concerning Effortless Flow and Vitality.


Tuesday July 23rd till Saturday July the 27th.



The Flow Journey in a drawing:

The basic building blocks of the Flow Journey are:

23rd of July:

Travel Day and check-inn with dinner to get to know each other and to have a reflection talk about:

  • How is my Now?
  • When do I experience Flow in Work and Life?
  • What are my dreams and wishes
    (see bullet 1 and 2 in the Flow Journey drawing)

24, 25 and 26th of July:

The outlines of the program for these days is:

In the morning ‘Being time’
This will be a mix of chi kung, yoga, meditation or other reflection and coaching tools.
(See bullet 3 and 4 in the Flow Journey drawing)

In the afternoon ‘Playing time’
(can be a walk, hike, bike, ball- or watersport

(See bullet 5 in the Flow Journey drawing)

The last evening, we have a ‘storytelling dinner’
(See bullet 6 Show yourself/performing/challenge)

27th of July:

Reflection time to check out. (See bullet 7 Inner Wisdom) Afterwards travel starts.


In these days we will have Being blocks (3 hours) and Playing blocks (4 hours). In total we have 9 timeslots.

Time schedule will approximately be:

Morning 9.00 -12.00 (with coffee/tea break)
Afternoon 13.00-17.00
Evening 18.00-22.00

We can change the building blocks when necessary.
For example, when the weather asks us to adjust.


Our house is located on Monti di Breglia (950mtr).
Right in the middle between the village Menaggio (200mtr) on the lake side, and the top of the Monte Grona (1763mtr). The highest peak reachable from our house is Monte Bregagno (2107mtr) The Menaggio Mountain Refugio is based on 1400mtr and is a beautiful walk from our house.


The investment is €2.500,= including full pension excl Tax. The group will be a maximum of 3 people.

We would love to meet you on ‘our’ mountain to Journey together.


Sandra and Jeroen